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Dear gamers. We glad to present you new and absolutely free Emulator for PSP called Rocket Emulator. Such tiny name is not accident. New technologies work and delight everyone. You will reach great perfomance in PSP games, perfect graphics and nice gameplay. Because of set of such fine factors emulator PSP Games just works like a real Rocket!

Forget about any problems and play PSP games on your Android smartphone with Rocket PSP Emulator. You will be pleasantly surprised! Even if you have a budget low-end device, Rocket will finely help you playing your favourite games. And if your device is high-end, then we absolutely sure you will be impressed.

Here you are advantages of Rocket PSP Emulator

  • Fast smooth game speed better than on real PSP consoleThis is completely new level of gaming experience
  • Highest quality of gameplayResolution, shader and graphics improvements which bring oldschool games to completly new level
  • Collection of 10.000 greatest PSP gamesEach one, all of this PSP games are now playable on your Android device just like on real PSP console
  • Ability to run PSP ISO and PSP CSOJust the same as on original PSP Console with multiple improvements
  • High quality soundYou will be able to enjoy great game soundtracks
  • Ability to configure everything as you wantVery easy and flexible configuration


Now you can easily play PSP games using new, very fine PSP emulator. This app turns your device into a real PSP, even a better device. It has best functionality to emulate games, run them on full speed. Rocket PSP is based on PPSSPP project, it brings all PPSSPP power to a new level, with addition of various speedhacks and other cool improvements.

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A library of more than 10.000 PSP games is in your hands.

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Please note, that getting PSP ISO images is illegal due to the copyright issues in various countries. We strongly insist playing legally owned games. Game ISO's can be easily found on the Internet by simple keywords descibing PSP System, like: PSP ISO, psp isos, PSP CSO, psp csos, PSP ROM, psp roms, etc).

Rocket Emulator is created in educational purposes and based only on legit and free sources. We also ask everyone to be sure that you have legally owned all games before playing them on Emulator.

If you have an original PSP console, then you need to convert your PSP games into ISO files or CSO files.

To legally turn your own PSP games into .ISO files, you need to install Custom Firmware on your PSP (Google for that). Custom Fimware also allows you doing great stuff with your PSP.

If you have a PSN account with PSP games, then you need to get game image (ISO/ROM) directly from your PSVita.

One of the ways is using Media Go to download PSP game you legally owned, from PSN to your PC. Next you need to use any PSN PKG Decryptor and Extractor or PKG to ISO converter.

Using CSO format can be slower than using ISO.